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operation against islamic fighters in nearby mali. >>> inspectors are finding hundreds of levees in danger of failing right here in the united states. >> this information comes 7 years after hurricane katrina toppled levees in new orleans and tore up the gulf coast. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in east palo alto to tell us how northern california levees could be at risk. >> reporter: what that study found is that major levee repairs are needed across the entire country. hundreds were deemed unacceptable. they haven't said if any are in the bay area but they have found 326 in 37 states covering more than 2,000 miles that are in four conditions putting people and property at risk. this is the federal government's first inventory of the flood control system and happened after hurricane katrina when a levee failed killing more than 1800 people causing $108 billion in damages. the problems found in some of the levees include weaken walls, animal homes, decaying and homes built too close to levees. it's up to local governments to make improv
levees are on that list. but the ones deemed unacceptable have problems similar to this levee here in east palo alto. it's along the san francisquito creek. a storm back in december did significant damage leaving the levee in a weakened state flooding the nearby neighborhood. east palo alto has plans to widen the creek but that project doesn't get started until the summer. for now, sandbags have been stacked to raise the height of the levee before the next storm. nationwide, inspectors have found 326 levees in need of urgent repair. the u.s. army corps of engineers including weakened, animal problems and house built near levees. hundreds of thousands of structures are in danger. this comes after hurricane katrina which killed thousands and caused billions in damage. after hurricane katrina, california budgeted money for improvements. the study doesn't identify any levees in the bay area but it is up to a local government to improve their levees so if one is found to be unacceptable it could cost a community millions. live in east palo alto, eli
katrina seven years ago inspectors have found hundreds of levees in danger of failing in 37 states. local governments are responsible for upgrading unacceptable levees but some local officials say repairs could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. the condition of flood control became a hot button issue in 2005 when katrina's rain toppled levees in new orleans, flooded the city and killed 1800 people. coming up later this morning we'll have a live report on how northern california levees could be at risk, as well. >>> just about all of boeing 787 dreamliner jets are now grounded indefinitely because of safety concerns. just hours ago air safety authorities in europe, japan and india had joined the u.s. in ordering the grounding and safety review of the planes. this follows a series of incidents involving the aircraft in just the recent days. yesterday the federal aviation administration said the 787 should be grounded until the risk of battery fires is resolved. >> the key is to be able to understand what's going on with these aircraft, get th
about levee safety, seven years after the conference. >>> and they are looking at a problem involving pharmacies. >>> traffic looks good driving to the willow pass grade we will tell you about the bay area weather coming up. . >> good morning, 20s, 30s and 40s still sunny and mild. >>> seaside heights boardwalk will be rebuilt. >> rides will be destroyed and the beach has been closed and guarded by police since then. last night the city was awarded $3 million to fix up the area and the new boardwalk will be open by memorial day weekend. hundreds of levees across the u.s. are in danger of failing. that includes a levee along the rivers. experts warn it will have catastrophic consequences. after katrina they insured up the flood protection system but many believe it needs $12 billion more. >>> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will testify before the house foreign affairs committee the same day she will testify about the u.s. consulate in benghazi. they will hold out a confirmation meeting for her successor as well. >>> they will speak at stanford university and he will be talki
the creek, major damage from the last storm remains. at least seven homes were damaged. so is the levee. >> there's a great deal of erosion. as you know, the water overtopped the levee in the guardens neighborhood. there was damage to private and public property. >> reporter: city officials are asking for the state's help to aleast shore up on the levee. they are hoping $2.7 million could tum from the state to -- to come from the state for help. >> the declaration is -- the state is declaring this area a local state of emergency. that allow us to request funds from the state to help for reimbursement of some of the costs we're incurring. >> reporter: this afternoon, state officials will be touring the creek as a whole to see what needs to be done to protect the 49% of the residents living under the floodplain. >> i think it's taken longer than it should have. absolutely. the flood record was almost 15 years ago and that's a long time to wait for relief. >> reporter: now, in the bigger picture there will be more permanent relief for this area as the design and funding for the floodplain
of channels, bridges, and levees across the country. what is considered the oldest city in the netherlands was built on the banks of a river that was and still is good for trade, but it also makes the town very susceptible to rising water levels brought on by climate change. the people are worried that their levees may soon prove ineffective, and so they've come up with a creative solution. >> the city embraces the rhine, but soon, one arm of the river will flow through an entire section of the city. according to the plan, about half of these houses will give way to water. levies will be moved to create an island. most residents have left. the ones left no their days here are also numbered. >> we are alone here. >> we are the last to leave. there's nothing we can do about it. >> in five years, there will be water here. it will come from the other side of the levy, flow underneath the levee, and back into the main part of the river. >> their family business with nine employees has been here for 20 years. one public authorities first unveiled the plan, they fought against it. >> what you hav
funded flood control projects. the city is asking for $2.7 million to start immediate work on the levee. heavy rains from last month's storms brought the creek's water levels to the third highest since 1930. water went over the levees and hops and streets were flooded. this -- homes and streets why flooded. this will hopefully secure funding before the next big storm. >> we are concerned about the entire rainy season. we have a few months left. >> reporter: another major project is expected to start at the end of the summer. that will widen the creek and strengthen levee walls. city leaders say 49% of east palo alto is within a flood plain and a levee or creek breach would cause major damage in the area. live in east palo alto, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> you can see she is bundled up. >> i know. it's cold. >> are you going to tell her about your tweet? >> i tweeted out lawrence and i said, you know, bundle up, bay area. it's cold out there. and a buddy of mine in hartford, connecticut, a weather guy on the morning show there, said you want cold, frank, it's 0 in hartford and parts of new
this levee in december. the sandbags proved to be useless. the city of east palo alto says it now needs emergency state funding to pay future a permanent fix to help protect people who have already flooded. >> we came out the front door, the water was just to our ankles. and then it started going faster and faster and faster. >> reporter: it's been a rough holiday season for paris simms and her family. on december 23rd, the creek poured over a levee in east palo alto. soaking her home with 9 inches of water and mud. >> let's just get out of here because my mom is terrified of water, and she is battling cancer. so -- we had to get her and my dad out because they're older. >> reporter: the simms are back home, but dumpsters in the driveway are full of soaked furniture and memories. the family is waiting to hear what insurance will cover. next door it's even worse. no one is allowed to live there. with a break in the rain, city leaders are getting a good look at the damage all that water caused. on woodland drive, an uprooted tree took part of the creek wall out, jeopardizing the road. >>
's major flooding event, a proclamation to secure state funding for immediate levee and bridge repairs hopefully before the next big storm hits. >> we're concerned about entire rainy season which we have two or three months left. >> reporter: heavy rains on december 23 caused the creek to see its third highest water flow since 1930. waters overtopped the levees in several places causing flooding in nearby homes and businesses. >> we lost a lot of paperwork and mud through the shop we had to clean out. >> reporter: water went under the levees too causing dangerous boils in which water bubbled up on the other side. levee banks caved in in several places and bridge footings were undercut. >> it scares you. >> reporter: tim and his family lived next to the levees for 40 years and says flooding is a constant winter worry. >> what's going to happen? do we have to get flood insurance? that's expensive. they need to do something about this right away. >> reporter: city officials say that will happen if the state comes through. >> the state is coming down and looking at these issues that we had
,000 sandbags to raise the top of the levee. >> by raising the levee and placinging the sand -- placing the sandbags on top, that should help prevent water from flowing over the top. >> but it's a temporary fix and residents are concerned. >> i thiets time to do more because i don't think the sandbag is going to do anything but make it flow down below. . >> at today's emergency operation center meeting, we were told a major levee overhaul should start this summer. >> we cannot go start working on the levee or the creek on permanent fixes with the rainy season still ahead o' of us. >> the city is still in a state of emergency hoping for $3 300-0000 for relee -- levee repairs. >> apple may be planning to offer a less expensive iphone to compete with android rivals. sources say apple is considering a phone with an exterior that would cost less than the current aluminum housing. that could be out as early as this year. >> facebook is creating a big buzz with a mysterious invitation sent dwroed a media event. speculation includes the possibility of a new smartphone. the buzz pushed fa
of emergency tonight due to flooding concerns and a weak levee. the san francisquito creek topped the levee last month and flooded a neighborhood east of 101. heavy rain caused it to rise to the third highest water flow since the '30s flooding streets and homes. if the city declares an emergency it could ask the state for millions to help strengthen the levee. >>> we're concerned about the entire rainy season which we have two or three months left. >> it's a project to wind the creek bed already set to start at the end of the summer. >>> hand made signs bearing heartfelt messages greeted sandy hook elementary school students as they went back to school. they are going to school in a nearby town. it's been 20 days since the gunman opened fire in their old school killing 20 children and six adults. security is high at the new sandy hook. officials say it's to help make students and parents feel safer. grief counselors and comfort dogs are on hand and parents will be allowed to stay at the school during the first few days. >>> a ruling in the federal trade commission's antitrust case with goog
funding to repair a failed levee. they were there when heavy rains caused the creek to over run the levee. the city manager signed a proclamation declaring a local emergency. they say their funds have been exhausted and they plan to ask for 2. $7 billion. >> we found levee to the creek banks and at historic university bridge. the damage we have identified needs immediate attention for flood control for the rest of the flood disease son. >> 2000 sandbags from -- flooddy season. >>> the driver accused of killing two people outside the liquor store is scheduled to be arraigned. ktvu channel 2 morning news has obtained armature video of it. david morales caused the deadly crash while racing away from police. the convicted felon faces two counts of murder. >>> president barack obama signed a fiscal cliff bill into law. the president who is vacationing in hawaii authorized the use of the otto open which copies the president's signature. now the bill raises taxes for most of the wealthiest americans. >>> 32-year-old eric saw well defeated long-term congressman pete stark back in november. and je
congress. >>> a damaged levee is at the center of concerns and our reporter brian flores joins us from east palo alto where city and state officials will meet today about repairing that levee. >> reporter: it has been several storms and you can see the damage from that storm last month and you can see the storm bags from the creek where we are driving in this morning and residents as well are having sandbags in their driveways and as you can imagine the city is asking for help in suring up this problem. they are declaring this a state emergency and not only were the levees damaged but seven homes were damaged as well. there was so much water that water and mud spilled onto the streets not just damaging homes but there was two feet of water and people had to be evacuated. the rainy season is not over yet and city officials don't want to take any chances. >> we are addressing the levee stabilization needs. >> reporter: now officials say because of the sandbags, there is no immediate danger but with all the residents living near the flood plane, the state needs to act fast. lots of standing po
meeting today in east palo alto. there are fears a levee will fail threatening families and homes. ktvu's brian flores is in east palo alto right now. we know that state officials will be at the emergency meeting. brian? >> reporter: that's right, dave. state officials are expected to be here sometime today taking a look at the levee that was damaged from the last rain storm. take a look for yourself. it's been several days since that last rain storm but there's still sandbags along the creek. if we take a look at the water levels. it looks pretty low. when it rained last time back in late december, it overflowed and damaged several homes. but yeah, city officials are asking for the state's help in shoring up this levee and repairing any damage. now, just yesterday, city officials held a press conference to declare a local emergency asking for the state's help in shoring up the dirt lev ealong the -- along the creek. there was damage to seven homes as well. city officials are seeking $2.7 million to make repairs to the levy. the storms before christmas dumped so much water that water an
a levee at a creek today which overflowed last month causing 2.7 million in damage to public property. the levee separates the creek from dozens of home in palo alto. amy hollyfield will have more in the next report. >> we will see if we will get enough rain to warrant all that activity on the peninsula. mike? >> great question. it is very, very light scattered showers less than .1". but the snow level dropped down to 1,500 to 2,000 feet so if a storm dumped in the higher elevation we could get a dusting. right now, three quarter mile visibility in santa rosa and napa and quarter-mile visibility in concord. temperatures are in the upper 30's to low 40's, with mid-to-upper 40's around fremont and oakland and san francisco and half moon bay and san rafael at 44. foggy through the morning. upper 30's to mid-40's where we will bottom out at 7:00. we will hang around in the upper 40's at noon and low-to-mid 50's headed into the afternoon and from 4:00 on we will have our best chance of scattered showers. another chance tomorrow but it will be lesser of a chance and better chance over the o
a local emergency to get state aid to shore up levees along one of the flood prone creeks. heavy rain went over the banks and under mined the levees along the levy. while there's no immediate threat, flooding could happen again in the levies are not re-enforced and fixed. declaring a local emergency is the first step in applying for immediate state funding. >>> new details tonight in the murder of a controversial south bay millionaire. one of the three suspects accused of killing him and beating his ex-wife during a home invasion robbery made the first court appearance today. nbc bay area kris joins us with the latest details. >> we now know what the three suspects are accused of stealing from the home after they allegedly killed the millionaire beat his ex-wife. the reason that the vetters are being tight lipped is because the suspects in custody are likely not the only ones. >> as a colorful and less than flattering picture emerges of robbie, the silicone valley businessman murdered in his mansion, one of his accused killers, made his first appearance before a judge today. coordinationin
of the conservation core are busy today shoring up a levee in east palo alto, they are placing about 4,000 sandbags on top of the levee to help prevent flooding from the creek. the creek flooded last month and damaged seven homes. >>> big changes with our weather pattern. you probably already noticed the cloud cover. plenty of cloud cover with dense fog. we have upper level clouds pushing into the region, all in advance of showers and also a major dealing air mass that will be moving into the region. right now, you can see the cloud cover. with the cold front up to our north and even producing a few light showers as you can pick out on the stormtracker 2. not all of this reaching the ground. but activity up in the northern portions of the sonoma county and the shower activity at least the probabilities will be increasing over the next few hours, especially between 3:00 and 5:00. as far as current numbers. they are still on the cold side. upper 40s to the lower 50s. san jose, 50. oakland, 51. santa rosa, mostly cloudy skies and 48. forecast headlines to tonight. more cloud cover out there. some -- f
. >> ademÁs muchos delitos pasaron de leves a graves en mÉxico y las cÁrceles se llenaron. >> beyoncÉ cantÓ el himno nacional fue o no una grabaciÓn ese es ahora el debate, nos envÍa los comentarios a twitter y facebook. >> blockbuster cierra 300 de sus tiendas en estados unidos, la medida dejarÁ sin trabajos a unos 3.000 empleados la compaÑÍa que comprÓ blockbuster dijo que cierra las tiendass que no sean rentable pero dejarÁ abierto unos 300 locales abiertos en el paÍs. >> ecuador deportÓ 25 cubanos que habÍan salido de cuba gracias a la nueva ley de mÍnimo gregs en la isla, las autoridades dijeron que los cubanos no presentaron una carta de invitaciÓn para ingresar a ecuador, los viajeros y familiares que los esperaban en el aeropuerto protestaron por la embajada de ecuador en la habaao no les hablÓ. >> el presidente hugo chÁvez dicen que estÁ mejorando y que estÁ pendiente y que incluso bromea, el presidente de bolivia evo morales dijo que hace fisioterapia, sin embargo, las autoridades venezolanos dicen que no hay fecha para el regreso del presidente. >> hoy dÍa hace 43 d
homes. >> they should fix the levee. that's the main thing. fix it. >> we have found more serious damages to the levee and to the road and it is a very dangerous situation. >> the city of east palo alto is hoping the governor will grant the emergency request and make it happen later on today. >> what will happen later today when it comes to that forecast? let's check with meteorologist christina loren. >> it will be nice. good morning to you. happy friday, everybody. temperatures running cold this morning but not as frigid as yesterday. in fact, we don't have any 20s to point out whereas yesterday we had quite a few at this hour. so basically this morning grab your coat, possible to see patchy frost up in the north bay. we're looking good overall. 32 degrees at freezing in novato this morning. 34 in napa. you're at 43 degrees this morning to start the day in san francisco. temperatures today are going to run mild because we're starting out warmer. high pressure still in control. changes just ahead. area of low pressure charging toward the coastline that will bring in fog this morn
francisquito creek over its banks. >> fix the levee. people's lives are at jeopardy here. >> we're looking at walls that will be created along here as opposed to going with more dirt. >> city leaders say work on the new levee wall won't start until the rainy season is over. >>> it's 4:39 right now. a lot of people start the new year with new resolutions. we get to start the new year chilling out. keeping it cold out there. >> cold starts but beautiful, sunny afternoons. good morning to you. temperatures this morning are running chilly. we're in the 30s. a couple of 20s out there as well. 28 degrees right now up in santa rosa. just about as cold as it was yesterday morning. we do have frost out there widespread. make sure you're ready for that. you might have to scrape it off the windshield. let's talk about what we're expecting. we head throughout the morning hours, it will drop off even more so before 7:30. that means layer up this morning. 5 to 10 degrees below average for the morning and we're going to be above average later on today with temperatures jumping into the 60s. i nudged numb
creek over its banks, damaging homes and city infrastructures. city leaders say the levee needs major improvements and hopes the state can help pay for flood control projects. flood victims are waiting to see that happen. >> fix the levee. it needs to be fixed. people's lives are in jeopardy. >> at this point, we're looking at actually walls, walls created along here as opposed to going with more dirt. >> city leaders say work on a new levee wall will probably not start until after the rain season. for now, new lines of sandbags will be put out there for added temporary protection. >>> it's been a little bit since we've had some rain but plenty of cold temperatures throughout the bay area. >> that's an understatement. >> you're inside. >> but i'm kind of cold right now. someone opened a window. >> but not in your heart, jon. >> i try. >> it's radiatinradiating, feel right now. good morning. temperatures are actually warming up nicely. it's a little bit hazy out there. the winds are picking up. but what you'll notice is our blanket. those clouds, they're coming back in steadily. that m
it an emergency after storms damaged that levee. it is hoped that governor brown will declare that a state of emergency. that would bring the moneys needed to cover the cost of the repairs. it shows 12 different areas in need of immediate help. storms right before christmas caused that water to overflow it banks damaging a total of seven homes. >> they really just should fix the levee. that's the main thing. fix it. >> we found more serious damage to the levee and to the roads. this is a very dangerous situation. >> the city of east palo alto hoping governor brown will grant their emergency request later on today. >> after a bitter battle earlier this week trk house of representatives has passed the first of a two-part relief bill to help the victims of superstorm sandy. in a 354-67 vote, representatives signed off on the $9.5 billion spending package. all of the no votes were cast by republicans. the money will be used to pay flood insurance claims related to the storm. a second $51 billion broader aid plan will be considered later this month. >>> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle gi
on this issue. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> it federal inn -- federal inspectors say the levees are still in danger of failing. that includes a 42-mile levee along the mexican rivers. levee failure there would have catastrophic events and they say they need $12 billion more to finish the job they started. >>> lance armstrong was just stripped of a bronze olympic metal. he won a metal during the games in australia. for more than ten years he strongly denied he ever used performance enhancing drugs but tonight lance armstrong will come clean in an interview with oprah and it will be broadcast tonight. >>> he was duped by a very elaborate hoax. monte had a girlfriend and we will have more about the latest scandal that is rocking the area. >>> and we go to janine de la vega with she tails about mortgage tune magazines top 100 companies. here is more. >> reporter: i asked people what they thought ranked number one on the list and every person i spoke to ranked google. it is the 4th time it happened and several are riding these free bikes and you can see it scattered around campus and
is expected to open at about a little. >>> hurricane katrina, the levees around here are not safe including one right here in the bay area. >>> we will have more on which garbage can will be kicked to the curb. ♪ using robotics and mobile technology, verizon innovators have made it possible for teachers to teach, and for a kid... nathan. tadpole. ... to feel like a kid again. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. . >>> good morning, 20s, 30s and 40s, it is will warmer along the coast and bay and highs in the 60s. >>> they will rebuild the boardwalk and the beach has been closed, guarded by police ever since. last night the city was awarded a $3.5 million contract to rebuild the area. the new boardwalk should be reopened by memorial day weekend. >>> it has been seven years since hurricane katrina and thousands of levees around the countries may fail. experts warn a levee failure there would be catastrophic. they approved $5 billion in funds to sure up the flood protection system but many believe the state needs $12 billion more to
levee before more rains hit tonight. john has the reasons for the urgency. >> at least two fallen trees, new slumping of this old earthen levee and damage to a city-maintained bridge all new worries today. >> serious damages so we're concerned about the entire rainy season. >> backed by graphs and photos, the city late today said it plans to ask sacramento for about $2 million in emergency money. our cameras were there 10 days ago when the creek flooded the gardens neighborhood damaging seven homes. >> i've seen a lot of indifference from people who do not live there. the people who live there are concerned. >> we've exhausted our local and regional resources in addressing the immediate flood controls and the levee stabilization need sdmrs there's an emergency city council meeting tomorrow. we've also learned state officials may also be here, residents hoping the governor's staff gets the message. east palo alto health and science center john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> biologists today lowered the water level on the american river in sacramento county as an ongoing effort. several
up the sacramento river. and probably, i haven't been able to count all the levees in my district, but i probably have well over 1,500 miles of levees that protect large cities, medium-sized cities, farms and other critical assets and infrastructure in the state of california. for example, the intercontinental rail system. both north and south. intercontinental highway systems. universities. international airports. these critical assets are at risk of flooding. the army corps of engineers, taking a look at the levees in one part of my district, a basin which is part of the city of sacramento, judges those levees to have a one in 30 chance of failure so that over a 30-year period of time it's anticipated there will be a catastrophic failure of those levees. 100,000 lives just in that part of sacramento at immediate risk because those flood waters, should those levees fail, it would make -- it would be a repeat of what happened in new orleans only the water is deeper. and the flood waters would rush in at least as fast, if not faster. a monumental disaster, international airport gon
core, shored up a levee in east palo alto with 4,000 bags in an effort to keep the creek from flooding. in december, heavy winds and high tide, proved too much for the creek and it breached the existing levee. nearby homes flooded along with part of highway 101. they plan to do a major overhaul of the levee, some time this summer. >>> temperatures are about to drop big time. bill martin is here with what to expect. >> showers, light so far that is how it will stay. the main impact from this latest weather system as we have been talking about is this very cool, polar air settling in over the bay area. take a look, that is all very very cold air, and it is moving in right now. we've got temperatures outside in the 40s, light scattered showers in some higher elevations of the bay area, where we are seeing showers up here around ben loman we could see snow flurries above 1500 feet. showers not a big deal, snow flurries novelty but not a big deal. the big deal is how cold it will get especially morning hours on friday. when i come back the latest computer model and forecast lows along with
a report in 90 days. >>> members of the conservation core, shored up a levee in east palo alto with 4,000 bags in an effort to keep the creek from flooding. in december, heavy winds and high tide, proved too much for the creek and it breached the existing levee. nearby homes flooded along with part of highway 101. they plan to do a major overhaul of the levee, some time this summer. >>> temperatures are about to drop big time. bill martin is here with what to expect. >> showers, light so far that is how it will stay. the main impact from this latest weather system as we have been talking about is this very cool, polar air settling in over the bay area. take a look, that is all very very cold air, and it is moving in right now. we've got temperatures outside in the 40s, light scattered showers in some higher elevations of the bay area, where we are seeing showers up here around ben loman we could see snow flurries above 1500 feet. showers not a big deal, snow flurries novelty but not a big deal. the big deal is how cold it will get especially morning hours on friday. when i come back t
of emergency. >> what they're hoping the state will help them do to this failing old levee. >> also showing you just how cold it's going to get tomorrow where you live. >>> a first of its kind city issued debit card will now be available to citizens in oakland. >> reporter: starting next month, oakland hopes to become the first city in the nation to offer an id card that can also work as a debit card. julio berraro, an undocumented immigrant makes his living selling cotton candy from a stick. he says he's been in the u.s. for 13 years. in limited english, he told me he's been robbed at gun point several times. he says he often carries cash, because he doesn't have a photo id to open a pang account. he plans to apply for the city's new id card, that resembles this prototype, because it can also work as a debit card. he says he will have a safe place to keep his money. gabrielle with street level health project is working with the city to identify people such as day laborers who could benefit from the new cards. >> they carry cash around when they get paid, because they're day laborers. a lot of
alto is trying to repair a failed levee. stay tuned for more.  . >>> time now is 5:30 let's check in with steve paulson, it is definitely cold but will that continue? >> no doubt about it, 20s and 30s but the afternoon high temperatures are bumping up, clear cold, frosty conditions, ice out there, afternoon highs with mostly sunny skies with near 50 to 60 degrees. here is sal. >>> it does look good getting to highway 17 and the commute is getting off to a nice start on the san mateo heading to the peninsular. here is pam and dave. >>> we have news coming in from daily city. a man stabbed his father several times in an apartment this morning at the crown colony apartments on imperial way. the material's injuries are not life-threatening. a reporter is there talking to the police and we will bring you the very latest as soon as we get it. >>> and we are having breaking news from san francisco. joining us from the scene on more on what happened, claudine wong has more. >> reporter: we have video on what has been happening and on the 500 block, we can see police officers are out in fr
mes, pero hemos mantenido un crecimiento de empleos. >> para los hispanos, hubo una leve mejoría, la taza bajó, pero aún así sigue siendo más alta que el promedio nacional. >> también en los hoteles y hospitalidad y turismo y yo veo que mucho de las comunidades latinas están afectados y eso sí ha ayudado. >> pero tenemos que ser bastante más. >> esto le ha sido esquivo en el campo de la construcción. >> es difícil pues de repente que llegue el fin de semana y no tienes dinero para cubrir los gastos no solo para mí sino para la mayoría . >>> y la discusion a los recortes a realizar podemos tener un buen 2013 , dentro de las cifras se inidico que los honorarios aumento a 23 dolares el promedio la hora con 12 millones desempleadas en estados unidos el reto es grande además pronostican que la salud y servicio serán más estables . >>> a jueza de la corte suprema de justicia , sonia sotomayor hará historia al ser la primera hispana en tomar juramento a un vice presidente , de estados unidos , es la primera hispana en la corte suprema de justicia un paquete de ayuda a lo
lesiones leves, las imagenes que ve son de la ambulancia que transporto los lesionados al hospital. blanca ---en otra informacion... ---un adolescente de 17 aÑos de edad fue baleado mortalmente esta madrugada en el poblado de marin city, en el condado de marin. take map ---segun la policia, poco despues de la media noche "lava-nial williams", recibio varios impactos de bala cuando visitaba una vivienda ubicada en la cuadra 300 de la avenida drake. ---no hay detenidos y el movil del crimen continua bajo investigacion. topvo blanca ---maÑana se realizara una ceremonia para conmemorar a alyssa byrnes, la joven de 19 aÑos residente de petaluma que perecio mientras visitaba el area de south lake tahoe para un festival de musica. ---a los asistente del evento, se les ha pedido vestir de rosa. ---la ceremonia se realizara a las 10 de la maÑana en el gimnasio de la preparatoria "casa grande" de petaluma donde estudio la adolescente. topvo blanca ---hoy se dictamino la condena carcelaria de 27 anos a ari abdallah morales, de 19 anos de edad y residente de san pablo, quien ya habia sido declarad
. they filled 4,000 sandbags yesterday. the newly flooded sandbags will reinforce the levee coming up in our 10:00 driver. >>> they were two violent incidents at the same street corner just 90 minutes apart. >> and an incident happened 90 minutes apart, stay with us.
think it's great. >> the levee broke and it came down the back side here and to this canal. once the canal couldn't take it anymore it started rising and rising. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine something so peaceful could become so angry. >> we couldn't see anything but the top of the roof. >> new orleans is in me. >> reporter: this spring the couple will go through their front door for the first time in seven years. >> it also opened up your heart and lets you know, you can get help. >> reporter: they've been living in a cramped apartment since katrina, already screaf -- craving to come back. >> i'm not a person who would jump and scream but i guess i will jump and scream and say my prayers. >> reporter: what have they learned? >> this is something you never think your life has changed so much. >> you can't give up. >> i just knew this was my final home that i would stay here until the end of my life. >> our dream continues. that's the important thing. it's not how you start it but how you finish. >> reporter: patrick and elizabeth, 4345 years of -- 45 years of marriage, four
aguardado su llegada. ¿no lo habrs acercado al fuego? no. ¿y golpeado? un leve vaivén, nada más. bien. este material es muy sensible a los golpes y al calor. el fuego arruinaría sus maravillosas propiedades. ¿pero qué demonios es? pimientos de padrón. ¿qué? unos pican y otros no. un prodigio de la naturaleza. ¿estáis diciendo que todos estos cuidados han sido por una bolsa de pimientos? de pimientos no, de pimientos de padrón. unos pican y otros no. los pimientos de padrón me gustan un motón. perdonad el pareado son cosas del entusiasmo. entonces qué... ¿buscamos unos lentes para vuestro amigo? ¡prepárate! ¡no, no, no, por favor sin violencia! ¿sois inventor verdad? vuestra esposa que erais inventor. pues sí lo soy, ¿acaso ahora es delito? de momento no, pero en madrid esas cosas nunca se saben. se me acaba la paciencia. esperad, quizás pueda ayudarnos. ¿ayudarlos, yo? o eso o pasáis de trillizos a gemelos. ah, me habéis convencido. ¡ja,ja,ja! bien, queremos sacar un hombre de la cárcel. ¿seríais capaz de fabricarnos una bomba? pues no, no trabajo con explosivos.
esperamos una temperatura minima de 22 grados y sigue vigente una leve probabilidad de nieve, es de tan solo 20% por lo cual si se desarrolla solo veriamos unos copitos de nieve en el area metropolitana... veamos como estaran las condiciones el resto de la semana laboral... maÑana hay un aviso de frio con una temperatura maxima de 27 grados.... y rafagas de viento que pueden alcanzar las 31 millas por hora... stan temperaturas no estarian este ha sido el pronostico del tiempo, mantengase bien abrigado y continue en sintonia de univison es esta cobertura especial de la bien asi...concluimos esta edicion especial sobre la juramentacion de segundo termino del presidente obama... gracias...buenas tardes...
bahia, se registro un leve descenso en los arrestos en comparacion con el aÑo pasado. take half slab ---por ejemplo, en el condado de santa clara hubo 432 detenidos, en 2011 fueron 491. ---en el condado de alameda se registraron 401 detenciones, y el aÑo anterior fueron 485. ---el periodo maximo de vigilancia por la patrulla de caminos y agencias locales de la policia va desde el 14 de diciembre hasta el primero de enero. blanca ---tiempo de la primera pausa pero en breve, take vo ---un par de mujeres latinas gana un premio mayor en un casino pero solamente logran la deportacion take vo ---un arma de alto calibre es incautada en una ciudad de la bahia.. detalles al volver.. segment ends blanca ---una madre y su hija salieron recientemente un dia a divertirse a un casino del estado de arizona, y para su gran sopresa terminaron ganandose un gran premio. ---pero cuando acudieron a reclamar sus ganancias se llevaron la sorpresa de sus vidas cuando la madre fue detenida y deportada a mexico. ---oscar gomez desde phoenix, nos amplia la informacion.. take pkg ;01 ;16 ;25 blanca ---gracias
into the levee. it is not deep water but mud flats right there. two were on board, a pilot and passenger. they got out of the plane on their own. no one was hurt. we will continue to follow that story for you and bring you new information. >> now our other top story. the search for a man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco. police want to find 22-year-old dexter oliver after a young woman was found with severe burns. amy hollyfield joins from the burn center. how is she doing? >> i spoke with two sisters. the family hasn't been in to see her yet this morning but are waiting for more relatives to arrive from sacramento and trying to brace themselves for an afternoon visit here at the hospital. they have been told she can expect to be in the hospital for four to five months. >> we kept talking about it all night. it was hard to go to sleep. >> this has been so tough to deal with she hasn't even been able to bring herself to visit her sister, starr lamare. she was set on fire yesterday and is in the hospital with burns do her face. witnesses, relatives and police beli
it now. the city council declared a local emergency after recent storms damaged the levee. it is hopes that governor jerry brown would declare a state of emergency bringing money to cover the cost of repairs. a city inspection of the entire length of the creek shows 12 areas in need of immediate help. storms right before christmas caused the water to overflow its banks damaging seven homes. >> they just really should fix the levee. that's the main thing. fix it. >> we have found more serious damages to the levee and to the road and it is a very dangerous situation. >> the city of east palo alto is hoping governor brown will grant their emergency request by later today. >>> it's the first feel good friday of 2013. christina loren is telling us how it's shaping up outside. >> good morning. i'm feeling the good vibrations. hope you are too. temperatures are not as cold as yesterday morning. in fact, we're about five degrees warmer on average across the board. 32 in gilroy. 37 degrees right here in beautiful san jose. and as we head throughout the day today, return of the low clouds. watch
fransesquito creek tops the levee in palo alto last month and flooded a neighborhood east of highway 101. heavy rain caused it to rise to its third highest water flows since 1930 meaning flooding for some streets and homes. an emergency proclamation would help secure funding for immediate levee and bridge repairs. hopefully before the next storm hits. >> we're concerned about the entire rainy season which, you know, we have two or three months left. >> the city council votes tonight on the proclamation of local emergency. city officials in the state say if the state comes through with the funds, the repairs will be done right away. >>> 4:35. now what it means when lawrence wears the mock turtleneck. >> are we getting explain it. >> it's cold! [ laughter ] >> it's cold out there. it is chilly again, of course, we have had a lot of frost, again today we are going to see widespread frost around the bay area. the temperatures it's chilly out there. 28 degrees right now in santa rosa. 32 and freezing in napa. 32 in livermore. 30 in concord. 29 degrees in fairfield. so you get the idea we are workin
the highest since 1930. water topped the levee flooding streets and hopes. an emergency proclamation will secure funding for immediate levee and bridge repairs. hopefully before the next storm hits. >> we're concerned about the entire rain ee rain ee season. we have two or three months left. >> if the state comes through with the funds, the repairs will be done right away. >>> it's the end of an era in san francisco. the exploratorium just closed minutes ago after 43 years at its current location. it went out with a bang. check the crowd leaving at 5:00 after a ceremonial farewell. here's a live look at the exploratorium in its iconic place at the palace of fine arts a favorites for generations of bay area families to came to learn, experiment and play over the years. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec talked with today's final visitors. >>> reporter: the sounds of wide-eyed wonder are about to fall silent here after 43 years, the exploratorium closing its doors at the palace of fine arts and local families lined up for its swan song. >> i'm going to just try to live it up and experience it
flooding this rainy season. on december 23rd, rainwater overflowed the levee flooding homes in the neighborhood and parts of highway 101. the city hopes to get emergency money from the state to pay for permanent levee work this summer. >>> so our visitors abusing a special deal at disney land? ahead tonight the tactic now being used to ensure visitors don't try to chaet the happiest place on earth. and you may want to bundle up tonight because temperatures outside are dropping. meteorologist mark tells us we're about to see the coldest temperatures of the season. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. [ traffic passing ] ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] . >>> disney land is cracking down on businesses tha
. east palo alto is scrambling to shore up the levee over the san francisquito creek after severe flooding in december. workers placed thousands of sandbags to raise that levee wall. >> this is a temporary solution to kind of get us through the with the season and have a permanent solution in the dry months. >> the san francisquito creek has been the source of several significant floods over the years. a project to widen the creekbed is set for summer >>> a big reward is offered for the return of a piece of california history stolen from the oakland museum of california. officials say a california gold rush era quartz and gold box was taken from a plexiglass display box early monday morning. the thief bypassed the alarm system. the gold box has ornamentation depicting early california. it's not the first time the museum has been robbed. in november, a burglar stole some gold nuggets. >> we did take additional security measures after the theft in november. we believe some of the measures we took will aid at this time and we are enhancing secu
to shore up its aging levee along the san francisquito creek after severe flooding last month. workers are placing thousands of sandbags to raise the levee wall as a short-term solution. a project to i had we end the creekbed is set -- to widen the creekbed is set to begin this summer. >>> san francisco police believe this man may have killed a woman seen walking with him in this surveillance video. that's 46-year-old elia cruz. this is the last time cruz was seen alive. she was found dead in her tenderloin apartment a short time later. investigators have been searching for her killer since october. >>> and some windows at san jose city hall have been damaged and it's going to be very expensive to get them fixed. police say someone was seen throwing rocks and bottles at the windows. the suspect was positioned in a way so security cameras could not make a possible identification. replacement windows will cost $12,000. >>> time now is 4:41. a secret protected by an alligator. >> initially they didn't think anything of it. they thought maybe it was
for emergency repairs. the goal is to fix levees to prevent more flooding from san francisquito creek in east palo alto. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in east palo alto to explain what the city wants from the state to ease flooding fears. >> reporter: east palo alto according to the san jose "mercury news" will ask the state for $2.7 million to fix a levee breached after last month's wave of storms. now, heavy rains caused the creek to rise to its third highest water flow since 1930. 7 homes were evacuated then. the surrounding neighborhood which is at a lower level than the creek saw massive water and mud damage. officials say if the state money comes through repairs will be done right away. >> the state is coming down and looking at these issues that we had the proclamation about. they are coming down tomorrow in fact. we are hoping to get funds quickly to start work immediately. >> reporter: we want to clarify that comment was made yesterday before last night's meeting. city leaders say about 49% of east palo alto is within a flood plain and a levee or creek ail your would cause massive
it now. constituent council declared a local emergency after recent storms damaged the levee. hoping governor jerry brown will declare a state of emergency bringing much needed money to cover the cost of repairs. a city inspection of the entire length of the creek shows 12 areas in need of immediate help. storms right before christmas caused the water to overflow its banks damaging seven homes. >> they should fix the levee. that's the main thing. fix it. >> we have found more serious damages to the levee and to the road and it is a very dangerous situation. >> the city of east palo alto is hoping governor brown will grant their emergency request later today. >> a moment to congratulate everyone at home and congratulate you for making it to friday. it's a beautiful thing here. christina, looks like a nice day. mike, you too. congratulations. >> you know what you get? 42 degrees in san francisco this morning. 35 in napa. temperatures that aren't quite as frigid as yesterday morning. in fact, today actually looks really great for outdoor activities. you might want to take me up on this
someplace else that, frankly, fulfill the old proverb, a haveee in -- a levee in time saves millions of dollars down the line. so if congress is going to pass legislation to provide protection to hurricane devastation, the dollars should be spent on the basis of need and value to taxpayer, not on the basis of geography. i hope you will consider this amendment and give the corps that choice and flexibility. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate the opportunity to be here this anything, and appreciate the opportunity. my amendment number 61 -- i have a few talk to about thissening but 61, ensure maximum transparency in this process in which we'll see billions of taxpayer dollars distributed through fema grant. my amendment would eliminate the $1 million threshold for disclosure in the underlying bill and require disclosure of all grants distributed under people half. let me give you an example. recent fema report, reported that a grantee received $830,000 following a recent flood. the town in question spent all the allocated grant money and had requested reimbur
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